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Chest Tattoo Ideas for Men

Chest Tattoo Ideas for Men
Chest Tattoo Ideas for Men
Chest tattoo for men could be an awesome accessory, hence the symbols or pictures inked on your body would definitely resonate your personality. Most men would decide to sport a chest tattoo for several reasons. Well, the chest is a perfect canvass for any tattoo artist because he can freely recreate the picture that you choose without worrying about not having enough space to work with. The chest is seldom seen by people (unless you want to walk around often without a shirt on), so you can have all the freedom to put the design that you want.

Other than the tattoo itself, most male tattoo enthusiasts like chest tattoos because they somehow make their pectoral in better shape-bigger, better and definitely more interesting. Putting a chest tattoo would hurt a bit but a dose of sex appeal or having a special person, thing or experience being engraved nearest to your heart is well worth it.

Cross and Heart Tattoos
Cross tattoos and heart tattoos are chosen frequently because of their meaning and significance. A heart crowned with thorns is largely associated with a love that is bitter and no longer wants to be bothered by love ever again. On the other hand, most men would ink the name or portrait of the girl that he loves on the chest to show affection.

Animal Tattoos
Animal Tattoos have long been linked with strength, fierce and power. According to ancient mythology, the scorpion is feared by both gods and mortals and its mere image brings forth protection. The strength of a lion, dragon, panther or tiger is mostly depicted the personality of the tattoo wearer.

Cultural Chest Tattoo
Tattoos are not common in Japan; in fact, the full body tattoos known as horimono were originally linked with the Japanese mob or the Yakuza. Horimono mostly cover the chest but it is unique for the tattoo won't cover the center of the chest.

Men can unbutton their shirt without showing off the tattoos. This concept is often adapted by many male tats enthusiasts because of its interesting origin and very distinctive designs.

Chest tattoo for men is clearly a form of remarkable body art, but wearing a memorable tattoo could surpass the "men's accessory" level and can actually provide a deep significance to the wearer. It could be a way to express your beliefs and deep emotions. It can set you free from long suppressed anger or bad memories, and it can be a means to engrave permanently your one unforgettable experience.

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