Saturday, April 25, 2015

Always Be Sexy With Lower Back Tattoos

Lower back tattoos have been designed to accentuate the natural curves that are common to female body. The body art can follow the sloping of the women back on both sides of the women spine. This is an area on the body that is thought of as one of the single most painful areas in which to place a tattoo. One good thing about choosing a lower back tattoo is that the lower back is an area of the body is the least likely to stretch during small weight fluctuations or even pregnancies. Lower back tattoos can be very versatile. The body art can be concealed under professional attire or displayed easily in a pair of low rise jeans paired with a revealing midriff top.

Lower Back Tattoos
Lower Back Tattoos

Since a lower back tattoo is of a rather intimate nature, it provides the wearer with a wide array of designs that can provide personal meaning and expression. Many times the design for the lower back tattoo can be amended to specifically reflect the individuality of the bearer including their shape and size. Doing this results in the creation of a design that that is truly unique to that individual. Nearly any design, can be worked into the design of the lower back tattoo. It could be floral, tribal, Celtic, or mythical. Really just about anything can be can be incorporated to make a very unique lower back tattoo.

Popular Designs for Lower Back Tattoos When you place floral designs on the lower back tattoo this is a symbol of fertility and beauty of the woman that has chosen the artwork. Some women might select a picture of spiraling energy. This would signifying a connection to the energy forces found in nature. The lower back is recognized as a chakra point. For this reason many people will choose this location for their tattooing in order to maintain balance in their personal energy. If the bearer chooses a Lion design for their lower back tattoo this is a symbol of courage and pride. If an eagle is chosen, the bearer demonstrates a desire for freedom. Almost any design that is v-shaped can be modified to work as a lower back tattoo. Go ahead and get creative with your designs. Any design that can remain symmetrical can be used as a lower back tattoo.

Lower Back Tattoo For Women
B utterfly Lower Back Tattoo For Women

Lower back tattoos can make very clear and sensual statements to viewers about the women who bear them. With the many options of different styles available, a woman that desires to wear a lower back tattoo should have absolutely no problem locating one that reflects her personal style. No matter what design is chosen it will surely be a beautiful lower back tattoo that will be appreciated by anyone that happens to see it.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Sexiest Place Dragon Tattoos For Women

The Sexiest Place Dragon Tattoos For Women
Dragon Tattoos For Women
Dragon tattoos for women are the best way to turn a woman so lovely, elegant, and sexy than ever before. However you should be careful in choosing the parts of the body that will painted, because this will showing description of your personality and character.

Dragons are mythical creatures of past folklore and legends. Each culture having their own knowledge about them and are commonly known as being fierce, powerful and mighty. But dragons can also be revered as being respectable and that of good nature. As with some cultures, they are regarded as being a symbolic representation for good luck and good fortune.

Dragon tattoos for women are sexual but threatening - Courageous and ambitious females don't need Plain Jane tattoo designs. They need something sexy and wicked. So what can certainly evoke a feeling of impending danger but at the very same instant be hot and exotic than a dragon. With a dragon upon your lower back or maybe on your shoulders will bring out the beauty and electricity that only the dragon can.

Tattoos are inked by many women at the lower back, since it makes her look sexy as she bends over. Apart from the lower back, the hips, arms and side of the neck are preferred by women when considering a dragon tattoos. The other place maybe you can choose on hand. The wrists of women becomes even more beautiful with a tattoo of a dragon, or maybe more of it on half sleeves. The ankle is also perfect for placing your Dragon tattoos.

These are just a few of the popular locations to get tattooed on your body. There are other of course that did not make the list but are also very popular right now such as neck tattoos. However we had to limit the designs and locations somewhere. These are just meant to provide some possible locations and ideas to help get you started. Hopefully you enjoyed this article and it sparked a few ideas in your own head. This is not the only things that are popular or the only designs that are out there. Check out this incredible site which is full of free information about dragon tattoos for women.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Chest Tattoo Ideas for Men

Chest Tattoo Ideas for Men
Chest Tattoo Ideas for Men
Chest tattoo for men could be an awesome accessory, hence the symbols or pictures inked on your body would definitely resonate your personality. Most men would decide to sport a chest tattoo for several reasons. Well, the chest is a perfect canvass for any tattoo artist because he can freely recreate the picture that you choose without worrying about not having enough space to work with. The chest is seldom seen by people (unless you want to walk around often without a shirt on), so you can have all the freedom to put the design that you want.

Other than the tattoo itself, most male tattoo enthusiasts like chest tattoos because they somehow make their pectoral in better shape-bigger, better and definitely more interesting. Putting a chest tattoo would hurt a bit but a dose of sex appeal or having a special person, thing or experience being engraved nearest to your heart is well worth it.

Cross and Heart Tattoos
Cross tattoos and heart tattoos are chosen frequently because of their meaning and significance. A heart crowned with thorns is largely associated with a love that is bitter and no longer wants to be bothered by love ever again. On the other hand, most men would ink the name or portrait of the girl that he loves on the chest to show affection.

Animal Tattoos
Animal Tattoos have long been linked with strength, fierce and power. According to ancient mythology, the scorpion is feared by both gods and mortals and its mere image brings forth protection. The strength of a lion, dragon, panther or tiger is mostly depicted the personality of the tattoo wearer.

Cultural Chest Tattoo
Tattoos are not common in Japan; in fact, the full body tattoos known as horimono were originally linked with the Japanese mob or the Yakuza. Horimono mostly cover the chest but it is unique for the tattoo won't cover the center of the chest.

Men can unbutton their shirt without showing off the tattoos. This concept is often adapted by many male tats enthusiasts because of its interesting origin and very distinctive designs.

Chest tattoo for men is clearly a form of remarkable body art, but wearing a memorable tattoo could surpass the "men's accessory" level and can actually provide a deep significance to the wearer. It could be a way to express your beliefs and deep emotions. It can set you free from long suppressed anger or bad memories, and it can be a means to engrave permanently your one unforgettable experience.

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